About OOAL

contactBushy McKelvey who is the initiator of the “Out On A Limb” project is a bilateral below the knee amputee and has two prosthetic legs. He lost his legs in two separate accidents. His right leg after being struck by a taxi minibus while riding his bike in 1999. And if that was not bad enough! Then, nine years later, riding with one prosthetic leg, he was again hit by a car in Pietermaritzburg while on his way to a biker’s function. Many people by now would have hung the bike leathers up and stayed off the bike, but not Bushy! No Bushy has got back on the bike and it planning on one hell of a bike ride.

Bushy started a charity organisation called, OUT ON A LIMB. His first feat was to raise awareness and funding for the charities he supports and gives other disabled people, motivation to get on with there lives. And embarked on a scooter trip around South Africa to meet with heads of state and other charities to see how they succeed or fail. There after a road trip from his home town Pietermaritzburg into Lesotho on a delivery motorcycle to the roof of Africa and back, Went around Southern Africa(South Africa ,Namibia and Botswana)on a documented motorcycle journey .

His next challenge is to get the world record for the longest distance on a motorcycle by an individual in twenty four hours, which currently is 3249.9 KM. This is to raise funds for a prosthesis for a lady that has lost her leg above the knee.

Thereafter his next challenge would be a documented ride on a motorcycle from Durban, South Africa to the Isle of Man in April 2014 as well as to partake in the famous TT……..